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Listen to a Radio Talk on Unit 4 Class 10 English Text, Kerala

A sample Video (by Mr. Arun Kumar, SNMS HSS Kollam, Kerala ) to teach Idioms and phrases. Dumbo is the funny cartoon character in this video. 
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Fond of reading poems?

Mr. Asok Kumar MP, an acive member of ELT Forum has published his collection of poems. It is fore-worded by Ms.Csilla Ferenczy, a Hungarian computer programmer and a lover of English.

Some of his poems are so picturesque, that the reader can see inside its mind the whole tranquil rural scene, described with a gret sensibility and empathy:


Glittering rays of dawn peeps in 

Paddy shoots are wet with mists 

Rose buds cherish to spurt out 

An infant smiles in cradle

The waves are splashing unsurpassed 

The free birds chirping unconquered

Grandma lulls with feeble fingers 

Hopes are high in holy minds.

You can download a soft - copy of Mr. Asok Kumar's collection of poems HERE

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Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce that A new blog titled
ഉള്‍വെളിച്ചം has been started for the creative teachers and students.Any studnet or teacher can send their story, poem,articles etc. The Blog Team will scrutinise them and publish them in the blog.

to Know more  visit www.ulvelicham.blogspot.com